Want to sell your house for top dollar.

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Want to sell for top dollar

4 Tips on Ways to Spark a Bidding War for Your Home.
The housing market is on fire! But even in a fast-paced environment like this, there are no guarantees for sellers. So how can you incite the kind of bidding war that pushes a home’s price well over asking? Check out our tips to turn up the heat and spark a bidding war for your home.

Are you looking to sell?

With the market scorching in most areas, here are four simple rules to spark a bidding war for your home.

Rafael’s Rule #1, price your home to move.

I call it an oldie, but a goodie.

Price low, sell high with multiple offers.

Granted, it might be a bit scary listing 5% below market value, but that slight initial decrease will tempt buyers with the prospect of a great deal.

(Only an experienced Realtor like my self can accomplish this because there are several key elements that need to take place.)

Rafael’s Rule #2, Set a deadline for offers. Let’s face it, people don’t want to miss out on a fantastic opportunity. If you set a deadline, you’re pretty much lighting a fire under a potential buyer’s belt.

But this strategy isn’t for everyone. You only want to do this when you know you are at a decent price and have a lot of showings lined up.

Rafael’s Rule # 3, take a different view of listing photo’s. Have you ever been forced to watch a friend’s slideshow from their recent vacation? Ugh, horrible.

Okay, first let me show you our hotel room. Okay, see, this is the bathtub, and that’s the shower. Oh, and look at the mints they left on the pillow. Oh, and there’s a swan towel. They folded it like a swan. Isn’t this great?

It’s kind of the same thing we see as agents with listing photo’s. Most pictures I encounter feature the straight-on, boring picture of the front of the house. Try taking a picture of the listing from a different angle. It could be a lot more eye catching.

Or I recommend taking a corner picture, allowing the potential buyer to see two sides of the house. With these tools, you’ll be selling in faster by getting more byers coming to visit.

Rafael’s Rule # 4, I always hire the best photographers and videographers.

Rafael’s Rule # 5, Call me and I will take care of everything and get your home sold for top dollar in the shortest amount of time.