What is My Home Worth

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What is My House Worth

What is My House Worth

Assessing the value of your home, your needs and your timeline can change a multitude of factors. How quickly you need the proceeds of the sale and the market conditions can help decide your path as you prepare to leave your current house. It’s a balance of current and future needs and the route you choose can always be changed until you enter into a contract. You can go to www.realtorrafael.com to get a free home estimate value. If you live in or near Menifee, Hemet, Temecula, or Murrieta CA you should call Rafael Sanz at 760-300-9300

1. Historically, owning rental property is a great investment but it’s not without pitfalls. When deciding whether to rent or sell your home, determine whether you can cover your mortgage with rent, if the property will appreciate and if you want the challenge of managing renters.

2. In a buyer’s market, sellers are less likely to have issues with contingencies and may be willing to take more risks to sign a contract. A seller’s market favors buyers who have already sold their homes and can make a cash offer.

3. The square footage, number and size of the rooms, condition of the structure, lot size and condition, current housing market conditions and location factor most heavily into a home’s value.

4. Selling your home yourself can save some money, but also requires a lot of time and effort. Without the help of an experienced Sales Associate like Rafael Sanz, you can make mistakes that will either delay or stop the sale of your home or decrease your proceeds from the sale.